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World’s Premiere of CCU Jenny

Jenny - world´s new critical care hybrid for all patient groups

This year MS Westfalia GmbH celebrates the 20th anniversary and honored to present the world’s first critical care hybrid Jenny.

A modular critical care all-in-one solution

Most intensive care functions as plug-in modules based on the patient’s needs. One configurable intensive care station for all pre-clinical and clinical applications. Flat, space saving wall mounting or mobile backpack and on-stretcher-frame

Central control system (Docking Station) for most emergency functions

One-level user interface for all critical care functions. Uninterrupted patient data transmission to the CIS. Video conferencing from the emergency scene with hospital physicians. Centralized data analysis and decision support for diagnosis and therapy.

Attendance to patient

Continuous attendance to patients throughout all pre-clinical and clinical phases. One solution for all patient groups: adults, children and neonates. No time loss and no danger when switching over from one device to another. No unnecessary disconnecting of patient from the device. No unwanted therapy inconsistency when switching between devices.

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